Campaign Cost Estimator

Number of Clips in Campaign
Average Duration of Clip (in minutes)
Total Number of Unique Users Assumes one view per unique user over the campaign
Total Minutes Streamed The number of total minutes of content streamed
Subtotal: Setup
Subtotal: Overall Streaming
Subtotal: Unique Users
Total Total estimated cost of campaign

webLinkVR Unit Costs

Source Media File Upload $0.75 (per minute of source media uploaded)
Source Media Live Ingest $1.50 (per minute of live media ingested)
Minutes of Content Streamed per Billing Period
      Tier One 0 - 30,000 mintues streamed $0.02
      Tier Two 30,000 - 90,000 mintues streamed $0.015
      Tier Three 90,000 + mintues streamed $0.010
Unique Users per Billing Period $0.075 (per unique user per billing period)
Advanced Analytics (if enabled for campaign) $0.050 (per unique user per billing period)
Campaign Conclusion Link Redirect State Maintenance $5.00 (per link)
Inactive Encoded Video Maintenance $0.07 (per Gb of storage used)
Distributor Account Maintenance Annual Fee (first year is free) $25.00